Holyoke Machine, established in 1863, is an international company serving the paper, textile, nonwoven, magnetic tape, water power, and other process industries providing new equipment and repairing existing equipment.

We manufacture new and repair, grind and balance all types of rolls used to make, emboss, or polish such items as coated paper, paper napkins, wallpaper, decorative and gift wrap paper, textiles, and magnetic tape. We can handle rolls up to forty feet in length, 70 inches in diameter, and up to 90,000 pounds.

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Paper Textile Magnetic Tape Nonwoven Other


For the Paper Industry

Holyoke Machine designs, manufactures, and repairs machines such as calenders, embossers, laminators, and napkin converting equipment. We can also dynamically balance any rotating equipment up to 60,000 pounds. A list of the kinds of rolls we work with can be viewed here and a list of the types of rolls is here.


For the Textile Industry…

Holyoke Machine develops, builds, and repairs embossing, friction, laboratory, rolling, and Schreiner calenders. In addition, we rebuild and repair pads, sanforizors, bearings, bearing housings, hydraulic systems, lubrication systems, and hot oil systems. Some additional services that we offer include providing new nylon sleeves for textile calendering, designing new rolls, grinding and repair of existing rolls, and dynamic balance rotating equipment. A list of textile rolls we work with can be found here.


For the Magnetic Tape Industry

Holyoke Machine designs, manufactures, and repairs machines and rolls including cotton calender, chrome plated steel, and plastic covered rolls.


For the Nonwoven Industry

Holyoke Machine rebuilds and repairs machines including calenders, embossers, and other machines. We can also design, manufacture, and repair calender, embossing, hardened steel, and oil heated rolls.


For Other Industries

Holyoke Machine manufactures and/or repairs Wicket gates and generator shafts for the water power industry. In addition, we furnish spare parts for Norwood gravity water filtration systems and manufacture new industrial water filtration equipment, as well as gravity and pressure filters. We also dynamic balance large rotating equipment up to 56,000 pounds. And we provide special machining for large rotating equipment including weldments, forgings, housings, conveyors, rolls, bronze bearings, and babbitted bearings.

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