In 1863, Holyoke Machine Company was organized for the purpose of making castings and shafting, and to provide general mill work and machining services.

From its beginnings, the business has continued to grow and prosper providing additional products such as water wheels and gearing. Our casting department, now long gone, cast the doors for the U.S. Capitol Building. In time, our market expanded from Western Massachusetts to all of New England, then the Southern States, California, north into Canada, and across the Atlantic into Europe.

Holyoke Machine's commitment to excellence produced the Boyden Improved Fournayron Turbine, the Risdon Improved Turbine, and the Dayton American Turbine, the Gould Pulping Engine, Balls' Steam Stamping Engine, Littlefield Pumps, Hydraulic Presses, the Holyoke Elevator, and the Web Super Calender. The improved calender rolls and machinery continued Holyoke Machine's expansion.

In 1948 the Sagalyn family, headed by Irwin Sagalyn, who remains the Chairman of the Board of Holyoke Machine, began the conversion of the company into a modern firm providing design, manufacturing, and repair services to the paper, textile, magnetic tape, and water power industries. Today James Sagalyn, Irwin's son, is the President and CEO of the company.

Our market is now international with customers in Asia, Malaysia, Australia, and South America.

Keeping pace with technology has allowed Holyoke Machine to develop new products such as the E-Z-MBOSS roll.

Over the years our firm has sought out employees with intelligence and a sound education. Then through our apprentice programs, we developed the skilled workforce needed to manufacture, maintain, and repair the rolls and machinery needed by our customers. Our commitment to excellence extends not only to our products and service to customers, but to our employees as well.

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